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I have always loved property. There is something immensely satisfying in finding a neglected home and turning it into something that other people can’t wait to buy, or in my case, rent.

After years of buying and selling property, I decided to invest in the Buy to Let market. It was 1994 and having recently remarried, I decided to give up my nomadic life of hotel rooms and dreary dressing rooms and concentrate on a new career as a writer and investor. We had one home that was surplus to requirement so I sold it and bought two flats that needed doing up, with a view to renting them out.

They rented easily and after a while I hit on a formula that has never let me down. Simplicity is key. Being a frustrated interior designer I had a tendency to overdo the d├ęcor but now it is a case of a fabulous bathroom, smart, well equipped kitchen and a neutral bedroom and sitting room.

Managing my small portfolio of flats, houses and offices in London and Oxford keeps me busy but I have often been called upon to help others get into the Buy to Let business. This is the reason for FF Living, which in turn led to FF Staging and FF Kerb Appeal.

The services can be tailored to suit your property and individual needs. Sometimes the smallest detail can make the difference to renting or selling your property quickly. I hope I may be able to help.

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