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Dear Fiona
Letters from a suspected Soviet spy

Dear Fiona - Letters from a suspected Soviet spy

He was a suspected cold war spy, imprisoned for life.
She was a glamorous actress.

When a prisoner writes to a movie star, the best he can hope for is a signed photo, if that.

But when Alex Alexandrowicz wrote to actress Fiona Fullerton in 1976, he didn’t expect their correspondence to lead to a friendship spanning over 30 years.
Serving two discretionary life sentences, Alex was a Category A prisoner in Parkhurst, protesting his innocence, when he wrote a fan letter to the actress. She replied, beguiled by his humour and tender poetry. So began an extraordinary friendship, of mutual support, trust and tenderness.

“It is you alone who has given me strength while I have been in prison, the strength to restore lost and dying hope into burning resolution.”

In this touching memoir, Fiona Fullerton tells the story, for the first time, of her correspondence with the prisoner who was to serve 22 years for a crime he didn’t commit. How he provided wise counsel on her marriage, divorce and burgeoning career, while she supported him through his seemingly endless sentence. Based on their original letters, and including some of his startlingly beautiful poems, the narrative is one of extreme contrast – the darkness of a man incarcerated by an immoveable system and a woman surrounded by the brightest lights of show business.

“Have you ever heard of Nadejda Philaretovna von Meck? She and Tchaikovsky were corresponding for years, they never met – and yet he produced his finest work for her. My finest work shall be for you.”

Last year, having never met Alex and knowing he had been released, Fiona decided to try and find him.

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